Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Blackwood Hotel, Blackwood, Victoria.

Blackwood Hotel, Blackwood, Victoria

Located in beautiful Blackwood in the central Victorian Wombat State Forest on the Greendale - Trentham  

The Blackwood Pub was built in 1868. It is the oldest weatherboard pub with a continuous licence.
The Blackwood Pub, in the historic gold mining township of Blackwood, is surrounded by spectacular forest, full    of memories of the gold rush.

In years gone by it was a bustling town, with axes, picks ans shovels aswinging to and fro, when coaches           driven by Cobb & Co would thunder through the town.

The place was full of miners, all were there to make their fortunes in that spot so full of gold.
Today, a century later, those golden days are now rest - just a quiet little hamlet that we love best.

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