Friday, May 31, 2013

Mineral Springs Hotel, Korweinguboora, Victoria

Korweinguboora is situated on the road between Ballan and Daylesford in central Victoria. Originally known as Spargo Creek, the hotel was built for the workers in the early1900's when a reservoir was built on the nearby Werribee River to store water for Geelong. 

The roof of the original building can be seen in the photograph. The unique position of the hotel is it's isolation from the rest of the area. Travelling through dense bush, the hotel is the only building for miles and miles.

Unfortunately the hotel is now a private residence in the middle of nowhere... back in the nineties a young, smart, entrepreneur took over the license and marketed the isolation with country music.. to the extent that 10 to 20 buses every Saturday and Sunday nights would travel from Melbourne full with patrons. But like died...just like this historical hotel.


  1. My husbands grandmother was born at this pub in the early 1900's(around 1908) and also took the stroke that killed her in the pub in 1967......this pub was owned by the McDonald family, who also owned the McDonald family Gold Mine that was near the rear of the pub somewhere! thank you for the photo!

  2. Not sure where you’re getting your information from but the nearby reservoir is not built on the Werribee River. The Werribee River is on the Eastern side of Ballan-Daylesford Rd whereas the Korweinguboora Reservoir is on the Western side of that road.

    Secondly the hotel is not “miles and miles” from the nearest building, there are actually 26 homes within 1 km of the hotel.

    You are right about it being unfortunately closed though. It was a sad day for the Locals