Friday, September 14, 2012

Winchelsea Tavern

The 'Winch'

The Winchelsea Hotel has a lot of history. In 1852 the site of the Winchelsea Hotel formed part of one of the earliest subdivisions of this historic township.

The Hotel building appears to have been first constructed in late 1864 for Timothy Hardyman. Until c.1873, the Hotel also operated as a store, with stables being part of the complex until at least 1903.

Mary Considine was owner and occupier of the Hotel in 1913. Her Victorian style building was clad in Oregon block work, remnants of which have been used inside the Hotel in a re-creation of the Considine era fa├žade.

A rear outbuilding which is virtually unchanged since its construction c.1920, currently serves as the Hotel’s Function Room.
In the late 1920’s a large part of the original building was destroyed by fire. However it wasn’t until the 1930’s and 40’s that alterations and additions gave the Hotel subtle Art Deco overtones

Few changes were made to the building until a long and extensive overhaul of the Winchelsea Hotel began in 2005.

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